Cutting through the competition.



That's what we do.

We work with client technicians and produce tools that improve cost efficiency and quality for our customers. We love what we do.  We have over 120 years of combined CNC grinding experience producing special cutting tools specific to our clients' business. It is the finest combination of industry talent and equipment in the Northeast. We love a great challenge so if you have a specialty project in mind, discuss it with our engineers. From the simplest sharpening of end mills to the most complicated form tools, Triple-T Cutting Tools, Inc. will get the job done.
Our specialty capabilities include, but aren't limited to the following:
  • Step drills and step reamers to print
  • Form tools to print
  • Corner radius or full radius milling cutters
  • Tapered tools and tapered ball nose tools
  • Thread mills for the blow mold industry
Our equipment includes:
  • 10 CNC [5 axis] Grinding Machines
  • 2 CNC Centerless Grinders
  • 1 K-16
  • 1 CNC Tru-Tech
  • 5 Conventional Grinders
  • 1 HAAS CNC Milling
  • 1 HAAS CNC Turning Center

If it isn't broken, we can still fix it.

Triple-T deploys ACAD, SolidWorks, and various simulation software applications specific to our grinding environments. Our engineers consult with customers to manufacture cutting tools best suited to their application. We take pride in our clients' satisfaction in our efforts to continuously improve the quality of their tools with cost efficiency in mind.

Our ISO Quality Guarantee.

Triple-T engineers have the dream of producing with perfection without fail but, mistakes sometimes happen.  We believe that a company is best defined by how it handles challenges.  Issues that come up in the engineering process are sometimes the gateway to making significant improvements to the work that is being done.   We hold ourselves accountable to the practical goal of 1/2 of 1%.  On the rare occasion that a rework is necessary - regardless of whose error in the partnership - we generate a corrective action for the job so that it is recorded for future reference.  Only when our customers are completely satisfied, do we feel that the job is done.