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We have a vision for opticals.

Triple-T Cutting Tools, Inc. offers a line of carbide and PCD blades for the optical industry.
  • Our own line of Op-T-Cut cutters for the Gerber Coburn SGX generators.
  • PCD cutters/inserts for LOH V-Generators
  • IQ/SL/XRT Gerber Coburn generators
  • Edger blades 6E / 7E

We have interest in your specialty optical needs. Please call to discuss your project with one of our engineers.


Triple-T's own.

The Op-T-Cut is an optimum cutting tool specifically engineered for surface generators with its spherical ball form within the cutting portion of the circle. Known for holding superior consistency from cutter to cutter, our proprietary Op-T-Cut's are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC grinders.

All geometries are kept consistent by a computer program that allows for changing parameters, such as tool diameter and grinding wheel wear, which can occur during production. Op-T-Cut’s superior quality results in longer tool life, meaning overall savings to you.


Your business is important to us - we offer competitive pricing and quantity discounts on new cutters, as well as replacement program incentives. Most importantly, the Op-T-Cut’s superior quality results in longer tool life, which in turn results in overall savings.

We also offer a speedy turn around service on sharpening, and can ship out new Op-T-Cut orders the same day the order is placed. For more information on an estimate or delivery time, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-570-6299.


Triple-T offers a guarantee on our own cutters too. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your Op-T-Cut, we will replace the tool at no cost to you.

We also offer an optional replacement program. If you would like your worn out or broken cutters replaced, simply check off the box on the re-true form that says “YES”. We will replace your old cutter with a brand new Op-T-Cut at a 10% discount.


Sharpening Optical Cutters

In addition to our own Op-T-Cut, we can sharpen a host of the optical generators in the industry.

We currently sharpen all carbide cutters used on Gerber Coburn SGX generators, as well as the PCD type blades used on LOH V  and IQ/SL Gerber Coburn generators. The optimal results we produce with our own brand of cutters can be achieved on your Coburn cutters the moment we re-true them. Call us for more information about your specific optical sharpening needs.

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