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Sharpening End Mills

Triple-T Cutting Tools, Inc. offers sharpening services for a wide variety of carbide and HSS cutters. Call us for more information about sharpening the end mills below or for others:
  • End Mills (regular, ball end, roughing, crest cuts, tapered)
  • Drills (all points, step, straight)
  • Reamers (straight, spiral, step)
  • Keyseat cutters
  • Counterbores/countersinks
  • Saws/milling cutters
  • Form Tools

To provide the best service and quality we ask that you send cutters into the shop for quoting. Just email or fax us your pricing request.


Call or email us for more information - USE DISCOUNT CODE: EMIR2018

Sharpening Optical Cutters

Triple-T Cutting Tools, Inc. can sharpen a host of the optical generators in the industry. We currently sharpen all carbide cutters used on Gerber Coburn SGX generators, as well as the PCD type blades used on LOH V  and IQ/SL Gerber Coburn generators. Call us for more information on your optical sharpening needs.

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